Task Automation


Manual processes, staff overloaded with work, suboptimal quality of execution, complexity of tasks is perceived as a constraint, resistance to new processes was prevalent. These were the components of a story that yielded to robotic automation, optimized performance, and morale improvement.


  • Business had recently reduced number of staff causing negative impact on morale
  • Staff and management wished to alleviate strain from increased workload
  • Complexity of tasks and the deemed need for “human thought process” was perceived as an impediment for streamlining


  • Transformed key processes from human reliance to 100% automation resulting in higher quality execution, reduced team workload, and improved client experience and commercial performance.

Project Outcomes

Cost Savings


Customer Experience

Market Leadership


The following proficiencies were used in this project:

Process Modernization


Process Modernization

Layer technology over processes to rapidly develop sustained service level improvements via cutting-edge tools such as robotic automation, optical character recognition, work flow, customer relationship management, etc.

Digital Discipline

Customer Experience Strategy


Customer Experience Strategy

Measure and enhance the entire customer journey and deploy tools and strategies to improve client loyalty, growth, and advocacy.

Business Discipline

Key Stats

annual supplier and customer touchpoints automated


On-time execution increased from 80%

existing and new processes digitized and automated

What Was Done

Process Deep Dives

Conducted detailed process deep dives, validated by empirical and quantitative data, to solve present limitations and uncover unforeseen opportunities.

Needs Assessment

Management reviews and “day in the life of” studies completed to understand key “wants” and “challenges”.

Data Validation

Data experts engaged to assess quality and optimal frequency of data usage.

Rapid Prototyping

Technologists prototyped automation solution inclusive of customized logic algorithms.

Task Automation

Deployed solution to automate 5 existing processes to remove manual intervention.

Innovative Processes

Introduced 2 new processes that automatically solicits supplier invoicing resulting in rapid asset funding and timely customer billing.

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