Our Origin


Converging digital, business, and creative disciplines for greater outcomes – that is what humanizing digital delivers.

Since the beginning, innovation has been a core part of our DNA. Over the years, we have seen many companies with great potential miss the mark on innovation. Why is this? We believe the chasm between those who desire to innovate and those who do innovate is best understood as The Digital Dilemma.

Too often we have seen technology, business, and creative disciplines function in silos. We have seen companies’ capabilities that have led to historical success become their disabilities when it comes to future innovation. We have seen data and digital become resident to the domain of IT, and business and creative become resident to their experts.

Data remains isolated or underutilized.
Digital remains ambiguous and unattainable.
Workforces remain under-equipped and traditional.
Left and right brain thinkers remain encamped and disengaged.

These casualties have created a three-fold impact:

1. Ambiguity with the term “digital.”
2. An under-appreciation of digital’s potential impact.
3. An inability to use digital to transform key processes and products across the entire value chain.

This paradigm occurs frequently and yet is complex to navigate. Convergent Labs helps companies to embrace this complex paradigm by humanizing digital. We rapidly harness digital, business, and creative disciplines to solve The Digital Dilemma.

Digital meets human when what is created provokes a visceral sense of loyalty and delivers intellectually resilient value.

Greater outcomes are born: customers are entranced, employees are empowered, suppliers are efficient, business models are transformed and companies outperform their peers. That’s the story we want to write with you.

Cross the chasm from those who desire to innovate to one that breathes innovation.
Let’s connect to humanize digital for greater outcomes.