Our Team

We are a digital disruption agency that sculpts, invents, and develops the next generation of products and processes. Our formula blends a unique mix of disciplines: digital, business, and creative. We aren’t a consulting firm trying to be digital – digital is our origin story.

Our team consists of top talent that has been specifically recruited to bring a unique mix of skill sets, disciplines, experiences, and thought leadership.

We bring decades of senior leadership experience from formidable firms that are bellwethers of their industries globally and nationally: General Electric Company and Symcor. Combined with key contributors from a variety of startups and small-medium sized businesses; we understand your challenges and have the blueprint of what it takes to succeed in small, medium, and large organizations.

We have brought together a wide variety of expertise in functions such as: Marketing, Operations, Six Sigma/Quality, Advanced Analytics, Design, Product Development, Consulting, Sales, Account Management, Client Service, Communications, Media/Public Relations, Business Intelligence, Reporting, Process Engineering, etc.

We aren’t your typical consultants. We don’t just plan and advise, we can build with you and for you. We have spent decades honing our skills in industry and will partner to help craft your plans and accelerate your execution while you keep your day-to-day business running.

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