Real-Time Performance Management


Recent acquisitions, cultural differences, aged operating systems, new processes, new organizational structure, and reduced staffing levels. These were the elements of a story about operational performance optimization and turning around missed benchmarks to market leading performance and commercial differentiation.


  • Business had recently conducted several major acquisitions and integrations and process variation was prevalent causing service level degradation
  • Adopted systems were not inherently built to readily provide wing-to-wing metrics
  • Timely visibility to client experience levels was required to drive immediate and sustained improvements across the organization
  • Middle management lacked tools and coaching to optimize systems, processes, staff, and decision making
  • Existing industry metrics were silo’d by system, not viewable by client or region or client status, nor were timely (4-6 weeks old)
  • Lack of clarity and details available on direct spend categories to truly leverage for effective sourcing negotiations


  • Innovated North American industry-leading real-time operations performance and sourcing insights platform. Dynamic dashboards, automated task execution, and employee-level performance alerts served to improve wing-to-wing operational and client experience (e.g. benchmark achievement improved from 65-70% to 94-97%).

Project Outcomes

Market Leadership


Customer Experience

Prospect Acquisition


The following proficiencies were used in this project:

Visual Management


Visual Management

Create insights dashboards that intuitively showcase key performance indicators, while equipping teams with real-time visibility to follow-up tasks, work-on-the-go, and upcoming workload, to improve the client experience.

Digital Discipline

Insights & Metrics Digitization


Insights & Metrics Digitization

Aggregate data from key touch points to provide critical insights and a real-time panoramic view of performance and service levels at business, team, and client levels.

Digital Discipline

Operations Strategy


Operations Strategy

Gauge operational capabilities, employee incentives, and build robust foundational components to measure, manage, and enhance performance.

Business Discipline

Project Management


Project Management

Develop and manage project frameworks and teams from operational changes to business integrations.

Business Discipline

Customer Experience Strategy


Customer Experience Strategy

Measure and enhance the entire customer journey and deploy tools and strategies to improve client loyalty, growth, and advocacy.

Business Discipline




Craft logos, websites, marketing materials and apps with a deliberate focus on strategic planning and skillful execution to attract, retain, and provoke a response from the audience.

Creative Discipline

Key Stats


Benchmark achievement improved from 65%

Customized dynamic dashboards created

Departmental displays deployed for visual management

What Was Done

Process Reviews

Operational department reviews conducted to understand products, key process steps, and any current metrics.

Cross-Business Engagement

Operational and Commercial teams engaged at multiple levels to understand system metrics challenges, customer expectations and true market leadership opportunities.

Technology Gap Assessment

Native business systems review completed to understand gap between cross-stakeholder requirements and system capabilities.

Targeted RFP

Business intelligence RFP issued based on prioritized departments and tool functionality with IT engaged to ensure no future product / IT road map conflicts would occur.

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid adoption and tailoring of business intelligence solution conducted to begin prototype deployment of departmental customer experience dynamic dashboards.

Product Refinement

Post pilot: managers and teams re-engaged to design and develop next layer of dynamic dashboards to be used by front line staff and managers.

Performance Displays

Departmental displays deployed throughout offices to foster performance culture by providing workforce near real-time transparency to “work on the go” (upcoming/current work) and customer experience performance levels.

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