Eco-Service Branding


Increased public focus on corporate sustainability, clients sought to enhance corporate image, business desired to create a service that would deliver eco-benefits that would be fiscally responsible. This is a story about building a certified “eco-service” that leveraged advanced analytics, branding, and a PR campaign to drive long-lasting market-leading differentiation.


  • Increased positive consumer sentiment related to companies with environmentally sustainable practices (primarily business-to-consumer enterprises)
  • B2B enterprise wanted to help their clients gain and measure traction on sustainability practices in a market saturated with false environmental solutions
  • Solution required to be market-differentiated and provide clients with cost savings and an enhanced corporate image


  • Built certified eco-focused service leveraging analytics, branding and PR that enabled clients to demonstrate their care for the environment thereby enhancing corporate image while concurrently delivering significant cost savings.

Project Outcomes

Market Leadership

Revenue Growth

Prospect Acquisition


Customer Experience


The following proficiencies were used in this project:

Advanced Analytics


Advanced Analytics

Engage our data scientists to unearth revelations within the data sets that reside within your systems. Develop models and analytical tools to enhance your decision making and client value.

Business Discipline

Marketing Strategy


Marketing Strategy

Dissect client needs, assess market opportunities, design targeted products/services, create client loyalty initiatives, build portfolio analyses tools, and craft compelling value propositions.

Business Discipline




Develop corporate and product personalities that meticulously consider the market, competitors, short and long-term goals to present an intentional, unique, and compelling image.

Creative Discipline

Key Stats

media placements (print + online + industry events)

top global brands leveraged service in first year

first eco-certified service developed in Fortune 5 business globally

What Was Done

Client Pilot

Initiated pilot with key client to concurrently develop product and branding to accelerate go-to-market deployment.

Agile Methodology

Key client was pitched prototyped concept and provided feedback along the agile build path.

New Technology

Data experts were engaged to create tools to project and measure carbon emissions associated with vehicle selections and usage inclusive of total cost of ownership.

Pilot Launch

Piloted tool kit with key client which yielded strong positive feedback from senior management and staff.

Innovative Toolkit

Innovated first-to-market environmental offering inclusive of 5-tool analytical eco-consulting toolkit for customized client analyses. 28 top global brands leveraged toolkit in first year including: Johnson & Johnson, Xerox, Pfizer, Nestle, Kraft, L’Oreal, Unilever, TD Bank, Hoffmann La-Roche, Pfizer, Loblaw’s, etc.

Advertising Campaign

Designed and launched broad advertising campaign inclusive of print/online ads, self-serve online tools, and industry speaking engagements.

Market Leadership

Business maintained thought leadership in market as clients promptly adopted the service, saving clients millions of dollars and reducing carbon emissions to meet sustainability targets.

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