Financial Services Web App


Outdated IT applications, recent acquisitions, differing processes, inconsistencies in data, and an undifferentiated product. These were the IT and business challenges in a story of re-engineered processes and rapid agile web application development of a market-leading product that saved time and virtually eliminated all errors.


  • Business recently acquired 3 entities with 3 different processes and applications for a single product offering
  • Data migration onto destination IT platform proved challenging and highlighted data discrepancies that could negatively impact clients
  • A new application and standardized process was required in a tight timeframe to ensure a flawless output next season


  • Innovated industry-leading web application with sophisticated audit controls, resulting in 99% reduction in error rate while generating 1,000+ hours of time savings and delivering first-to-market client features.

Project Outcomes

Cost Savings

Revenue Growth


Customer Experience

Prospect Acquisition

Market Leadership


The following proficiencies were used in this project:

Process Modernization


Process Modernization

Layer technology over processes to rapidly develop sustained service level improvements via cutting-edge tools such as robotic automation, optical character recognition, work flow, customer relationship management, etc.

Digital Discipline

App Development


App Development

Accelerate development of bespoke applications and web experiences to enhance employee efficiency and/or supplier and customer value.

Digital Discipline

Marketing Strategy


Marketing Strategy

Dissect client needs, assess market opportunities, design targeted products/services, create client loyalty initiatives, build portfolio analyses tools, and craft compelling value propositions.

Business Discipline




Craft logos, websites, marketing materials and apps with a deliberate focus on strategic planning and skillful execution to attract, retain, and provoke a response from the audience.

Creative Discipline

Key Stats


improvement in accuracy

hours of time saved annually

built-in automated audit controls

What Was Done

Broad Process Review

Work-Out sessions held with business and IT experts to assess 3 different processes and design single future-state process.

Innovative Analytics Strategy

Deep-dive sessions conducted to “treat data as a criminal” (identify ways to catch errors trying to slip through), leading to 16 built-in automated validations prior to customer output.

Bespoke Technology

Process and design experts created bespoke application based on “day in the life of” studies of staff and client workflows.

Broad + Agile App Development

Digital experts engaged to build agile project plan and execute in weekly sprints with constant involvement from commercial, operational, client service, and IT front-line users to ensure correct and timely decisions.

Product Innovation

Industry-leading web application delivered new features and standardized all processes, workflows, and reporting resulting in 99% error reduction, 1,000+ hours saved annually, and rapid staff adoption. Features included: automated emails, system audits, single click reporting, health dashboards, etc.

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