Customer Loyalty


Stable overall client satisfaction levels, strong relationships with day-to-day client contacts, yet several key client losses was cause for concern. These circumstances were part of a story about redefining client loyalty and creating an efficient measurement system to rapidly improve purposeful relationships and discover strategic improvement opportunities.


  • Business lost several key clients despite overall client satisfaction and strong day-to-day client relationships
  • Client losses sparked a desire to increase transparency of client service levels
  • Current framework needed to be assessed to ensure information gathered was specific and actionable


  • Established a sophisticated client loyalty measurement process that provided timely and meaningful information to enable development of client-specific action plans and targeted operational improvement plans. (+15% increase in client loyalty score compared to baseline).

Project Outcomes

Revenue Growth


Customer Experience

Prospect Acquisition


The following proficiencies were used in this project:

Marketing Strategy


Marketing Strategy

Dissect client needs, assess market opportunities, design targeted products/services, create client loyalty initiatives, build portfolio analyses tools, and craft compelling value propositions.

Business Discipline

Customer Experience Strategy


Customer Experience Strategy

Measure and enhance the entire customer journey and deploy tools and strategies to improve client loyalty, growth, and advocacy.

Business Discipline

Key Stats


increase in Net Promoter Score (client loyalty)

key themes identified for business-wide improvement

strategic client losses averted

What Was Done

Client Insight

Work-Out sessions facilitated with key commercial and marketing stakeholders to understand client service level concerns.

New Loyalty Measurement

Crafted client loyalty initiative utilizing Net Promoter Score methodology to move beyond basic client satisfaction metrics.

Internal Training

Conducted commercial and operational training to ensure the “new language” around client experience measurement was understood throughout the organization.

Client Surveys

Completed client e-mail and telephone surveys inclusive of voice recording and transcription to cost effectively obtain a comprehensive dataset.

Multi-Level Study

Developed global best practice that targeted strategic clients with personalized calls (day-to-day contacts and primary decision makers).

Rapid Client Response

Instituted a “red alert” process tied into CRM to ensure rapid client follow-up, project plans, and issue resolution.

Improvement Opportunities

Codified qualitative feedback and analyzed quantitative data to provide scorecards by client classification, contact level, region, product, and identified improvement opportunities that would drive the most significant impact.

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